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Random Quotes

"What's up with that ya'll?"

"I play basketball. That's what I do, man!
I'm not old enough to go clubbin'..."

Justin, 'N Sync

"That is so not necessary"

"...and then, go STRAIGHT up."

Lance, 'N Sync

"I ain't goin' down!"

"That was so wrong"

"What do I besides sing and dance?
I like to sleep, and I don't get to do
my hobby very often. THANK YOU!"

JC, 'N Sync

"Did you fall on your head?"

"The funny thing about JC is...well. say
we're driving somewhere and we see a
pretty girl on the sidewalk, the four of us
will go 'Hey, check out that girl'... and
five minutes later JC will go, 'Wow, check
out that dog!' He's crazy about dogs."

Chris, 'N Sync

"I'm nine!!"

Joey, 'N Sync