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Here is a list of links that I find pretty cool. I could not fit them into any of my other pages, so they ended up in here. If you find any of the listed websites interesting, well, they're only a click away!


The Internet Movie Database ~ all the info on any movie ever made. Rank your favorite ones! ~ The Official Academy Awards Site

the TRUMAN show ~ an inspiring movie with a *cool* official website!
More Truman... ~ An unofficial site, but has everything (except for the whole entire movie). An awesome page; highly recommended, especially if you've seen the movie.

Star Wars ~ Official Site ~ Your Daily Dose of Star Wars
The Star Wars Database ~ Go you must! May the Force be with you...

The Official Website of Titanic ~ 11 Academy Awards Winner...and, need I say more?
Titanic ~ The Ship of Dreams ~ Great info and ALL the webrings and links to the thousands of Titanic pages on the web.

Underrated Young Actors ~ They're just kids, but they're SO talented and adorable; from Joseph Mazzello in Simon Birch, to Jake Lloyd in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, to Jena Malone and Liam Aiken in Stepmom, this site has it all on these cute little actors.


Peeps Republic ~ Artist bios and listen to tracks!
MTV Online ~ Search for artist info and request your favorite music videos on Total Request Live

Lyrics HQ ~ Complete lyrics to all the songs you'll ever be interested in. ~ All the mp3 files and softwares you'll ever need

CDnow ~ Check out newly released CDs, buy them online, or just listen to sample songs!
Billboard Online ~ The Charts: from Billboard 200 to the Hot 100 singles, it's all there!
Z95.7 of the San Francisco Bay Area ~ my favorite radio station; listen to it live online!

'N Sync ~ Official Site
MMC Online's 'N Sync Fan Guide
'N Sync Studio ~ Very well designed page, updated frequently
Crunk 'N Sync World ~ Well designed, good info, many sound files

Backstreet Boys ~ Official Site ~ Very informative page, TONS of pictures, updated everyday
Backstreet Millennium ~ A lot of info, updated every single day
Boys Will Be Boys ~ Guys have Backstreet Pride too! KTBSPA!


Jin Yong Teahouse ~ A lot of discussions and polls...
ʩˮ ~ A Fantastic Jin Yong website!! Extremely cool and highly highly recommended!!
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Hamlet, the movie


NCAA Basketball Championships ~ Official Site

Team Croatia at the 98 World Cup ~ my favorite soccer team! Go Suker!!
Michael Owen of Team England ~ Fan Club Homepage
The Big Red ~ Unofficial Michael Owen Website

Official Site of the Olympic Games

China Sports On Web ~ All the links to Chinese Sports and news

bulletGet Practical...

Multimedia Manager ~ a very useful software! Download it for free and you can view your pictures and graphics in high resolution in an *instant*. Highly recommended.
PostPet ~ Tomagotchi? No, an e-mail pet. Interested? Take a look!
Foreign Languages for Travelers ~ Hm, if you find nothing better to do and likes to explore different languages on this planet Earth (like me), this is a good site to get started!
How Things Get Done ~ Need help on doing anything? Hope this site will help you.
Time Zones
TicketMaster ~ Somewhere to buy tickets online so you don't have to wait in line for hours!
Onelist ~ Subscribe to mailing lists of your topic of interest!
TV Guide ~ Too bored?? See what's up on TV!


College Rankings from U.S. News and World Report ~ Check rankings of all the colleges in America, and get more info on your college!
UC Berkeley ~ The university that I am currently attending, I'm still an undergrad!

Ireland Now ~ Information and Facts on Ireland, its culture, history, and more ~ A very beautiful country, worth a visit!

Surname Origins ~ A site where you'll find info to most of the European last names
SurnameWeb ~ Consists of over 65,000 surname links

The Royal Archive ~ If you're someone who's interested in royal families in general (like me) but not necessarily any royal in particular, this site is a very good source for finding info on European royalties.

Screen Savers of all types
Posters! ~ Trying to find something to decorate your walls with? Take a look and see if any of the posters interests you! Includes sceneries, celebrities, and other weird stuff you can't imagine =P