As we know, Fu Mingxia just won her fourth Olympic gold medal in Sydney with another stunning performance, which made me realize that it's been quite a while since I last updated this page! Apologies to all the fans out there! I just finished my midterms this week, so I'll be doing some major updating in the next couple of days, please check back often. As for anyone who sent me e-mails, I'll try to get to you as soon as I can, thanks.

~ 10/6/00

Read about Fu Mingxia at the National Diving Competitions here ~ She is heading for the 2004 Olympic Games in Sydney!

~ 3/16/99

There was a newspaper article that gives quite a lot of information on Fu Mingxia's current status and her future plans and goals. Click here to read the article.

~ 9/23/98

Shocking News: ϼٱ̲!!! The media has confirmed that Fu Mingxia is back to training in Tsinghua University after almost two years of studying. Reporters interviewed Fu Mingxia on July 29. Fu Mingxia said that she feels very bad that Chinese diving has slipped so much. She felt that she still has the potential to dive, and after asking for her coach Yu Fen's advice, the two of them together decided that she will pick up diving. She will mainly be focusing on the 3-m springboard although she had started out with the 10-m platform as a child. Fu Mingxia is very persistent to get back in shape and that will be achieved through heavy training.

~ 8/4/98

Rumors (or maybe not rumors?) have it that Fu Mingxia will come out to dive again. It has been mentioned several times in the newspaper. After the 8th World Swimming Championships held in Perth, Australia in January this year, Xiong Ni called Fu Mingxia to discuss the current Chinese diving team. After Gao Min came out to the diving world to represent China again, Xiong Ni is following her. It is possible that Fu Mingxia will do so also, yet she hasn't been diving for one entire year, and she has gained weight in addition to all other changes in her body. I will have the updates on this issue when available.

~ 7/12/98, 8/2/98

Fu Mingxia is currently studying in Tsinghua University. It's believed that she has been considering going to the U.S. to study.

~ 5/98

While the 8th World Swimming Championships are taking place in Perth Australia, Fu Mingxia has been paying close attention to China's diving team. She wishes to see more good new divers and is very concerned with the team's progress.

~ 1/98

Fu Mingxia appeared at the Closing Ceremony of the 8th National Games of China in Shanghai to cheer for her teammates.

~ 10/97