~*~ Fu Mingxia ~*~

~ A Legendary Diver Making History Every Step of Her Way


Fu Mingxia, a name associated with numerous world records, a name that embodies the momentous glory and honor of Chinese athletic history, yet ultimately, it is a name attached to a remarkable diving career that has in turn inspired the lives of many around the globe. Nevertheless, behind the astounding name is a beautiful young girl, with her ever-expanding aspirations, aiming to quietly fade into the life of an ordinary youth, seeking to rise above and beyond the accomplishments that brought her unexpected fame early in life.

Born in Wuhan of Hubei Province (ʡ人) in central China on August 16, 1978, Fu Mingxia's family appears to be a typical Chinese family consisting of her working-class parents and an elder sister. At an early age, Fu Mingxia learned to swim at a nearby river under the instruction of her father, Fu Yijun. Reaching age 5, she started gymnastics under the influence of her sister; however, she switched to diving two years later because gymnastics was found to be an unsuitable sport for her due to her conditions. Thus Fu Mingxia started her diving career, a path to making history and bringing her glory.

Fu Mingxia won her first world champion title in 1991 at the World Swimming Championships. At age 12, she became the youngest world champion ever. She has already made history, yet she consistently trained hard, and more glory was coming her way. In 1992 at the 25th Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Fu Mingxia became the youngest Olympic champion ever when she won the 10-meter platform gold at the age of 13. She made a number of achievements after her two titles, including the 10-meter platform gold in both the 1993 and 1994 World Championships and the 3-meter springboard gold in the 95 World Championships. In 1996, when Fu Mingxia was 17 years old, she became the most dazzling star of Team China at the 26th Olympic Games in Atlanta. Making history, she captured both the 10-meter platform gold and the 3-meter springboard gold at the Olympics. Thus she became the first woman to ever win both Olympic titles since the past 36 years. She was the first female diver to sweep both events at the same Olympics since Germany's Ingrid Kraemer in the 1960 Rome Olympics, and was only the 4th female to capture both titles.

Fu Mingxia made history; she has brought honor to China and all Chinese around the world. I was fascinated by her outstanding achievements and realized the pride of being a Chinese. Yet she is still so young. Seventeen, the best age in one's life; an age of dreams, and she has already accomplished so much and fulfilled her dreams. Her unmatched skill and precision will be forever remembered, and her grace and beauty will long-survive in people's hearts.

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